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Carl Dilley

Carl Dilley

I can help you maximize your returns on commercial real estate investing without the expense of hiring your own analysts and advisors. As a buyers representative you have a team with decades long experience and the financial acumen ready to assist in commercial property acquisition and consulting. We can help you in many ways avoid the pitfalls of commercial real estate investing and developing strategies to acquire properties that provide the highest returns without wasting time and energy and most importantly investment capital. WHO DO I WORK WITH? Institutional and Individual investors and personal financial advisors with Commercial Real Estate Portfolios. Some examples of related Real Estate Experience: One of the projects I worked on was the construction and syndication /public offering of what was the largest office building in Canada at the time. Funding was over $110 million and was sold out in one day. It still stands as the premier office building in Vancouver https://www.parkplace.ca/ In 1989 I went to Costa Rica and headed an entity known as Panamerican woods, representing the minority shareholders. We reorganized and sold the majority interest to a Dutch Group. During my tenure, the company acquired 10,000+ hectares and I supervised construction of a large parquet flooring plant with over $120 million in Assets today. During the next several years, I worked with an investor group from Florida and Louisiana that developed Tourism related projects. During that time, I acted as president of Tango Mar Beach Resort in Costa Rica completing the 120 acre development including Beach Hotel and Golf Course. Eventually selling the property to the current owners. www.tangomar.com. Examples of projects I am currently engaged in: -Refinancing a 150,000 sq. ft. warehouse complex in Aubrn, IN -Sale of a 120 room Red Roof Inn and adjacent restaurant complex in Clearwater, FL -Sale of a half-acre beachfront development property in Madeira Beach, FL -Locating a suitable property for a local brewing company -Assisting a restaurant operations group in acquiring 4 additional drive through properties WHAT DOES THIS TYPE OF SERVICE COST? Most of the time absolutely nothing. The commercial property sellers pay the commissions that provide our compensation. If you are looking for a partner with considerable experience, financial savy and expertise, that can be a great asset to your commercial property acquisition team then give me a call today at 727-459-7378
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