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Thinking about a real estate career? Good Idea outline

You are highly motivated, enjoy working with people, and like to be active in your community.  Ever considered a career in real estate?  Being involved means more than just a job.  You want to make a difference in the lives of others.  You are interested in becoming a vital, active participant in your own success.  Once you become a real estate professional, you can shape your future and grow your business as much as you like.  You know it requires time and effort, but you are willing to take the next steps to a personally fulfilling and rewarding new direction.

Learning about real estate.  Classroom outline

The next step is to put your motivation into action.  The state of Florida requires a real estate agent to be trained and licensed.  Completing real estate school is a requirement to get a real estate license.  There are a variety of local real estate schools that meet in person or online.  Either way, we want to reward your follow through.  Once completed, our office will reimburse your schooling costs and support you as you prepare for the state licensing exam.

Getting your license. Diploma outline

To receive your license, you must take the state’s real estate licensing exam and correctly answer at least 75% of the questions.  When you pass, our office will reimburse your exam costs and help you complete your licensing application with the real estate board.

Licensed real estate agent. House outline

Once you receive your real estate agent license, you can pursue an exciting new career as a real estate agent, licensed to act on behalf of the broker.  With our experience and sponsorship, our staff can help lead you towards a path of success quickly and efficiently.  We will work together to identify your strengths and help shape your future in real estate – one that fits your goals and personality.

Further your career. City outline

There are many facets to the real estate industry, such as (residential or commercial) sales, leasing, business brokerage, property management, property appraising, site acquisitions, investment analysis, etc.  As you gain more experience, you may gravitate towards a specialty that spotlights your strengths within the industry.  Because our staff has such a broad background in all facets of the industry, we can help you fine tune that focus to further your career.  Even with decades worth of experience, our staff continues to take additional classes beyond licensing to keep pace with the industry.  We will share that knowledge and experience with you to help further your career.  If that sounds appealing, a real estate career might be right for you.

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