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Our History

The History of Broderick & Associates, Inc.

Broderick Realty was founded in 1945 by Stanley Broderick. Stanley had great success in Chicago before moving to Florida and attempted retirement on a 400-acre farm in Michigan. After relocating to Florida and settling in Pinellas Park, Stanley became one of Pinellas Park’s founding realtors when the population was barely 4,000.

The company is still located at 5514 Park Boulevard in Pinellas Park – only now it’s a bustling metropolis with over 100,000 residents! In 1945, Park Boulevard was a dirt road surrounded by orange groves. Stanley successfully developed the “Cozy Cottage” pre-fabricated housing franchise in mid-Pinellas, and the story grows from there.

Growing Up Broderick

Owned and managed by Stanley and Doris Broderick in the beginning. Their only child, Roger, helped with the business while attending college at the University of Florida. After graduating with a degree in industrial engineering, Roger officially joined the company as President and has been working hard to “grow” it ever since!

The team at Broderick & Associates prides itself on being able to provide its clients with customized solutions that fit their specific needs. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, they have become experts in development, engineering, procurement, construction management, and more. Plus, their dedication and hard work make them stand out from the competition!

The Broderick Tradition

We’re a family-owned and operated business, and we take pride in our tradition of excellence. Our founder, Stanley Broderick, was a man of independent spirit and unparalleled modesty – he truly cared about his community and had a great influence on all who knew him.

Sadly, Stanley passed away in 1968 and Doris in 1999, but their legacy lives on through our company. Their son Roger, who currently serves as President, and grandsons Sean and Rob have upheld the family tradition of quality and integrity. And even though our headquarters are now located in Roger’s childhood bedroom (!), we continue to provide top-notch service to our clients.

Civic Involvement

Roger has carried on the tradition of his parents by being a major supporter and contributor to Pinellas Park’s Boys & Girls Clubs. In addition to this, he has also:

  • Sponsored a Broderick Realty Little League Team (Stanley served as state director of the Little League)
  • Supported many other local youth activities
  • Served as past Chairman of the Pinellas Park Progress Committee for Redevelopment
  • Served as past Chairman of the advisory board for the Low to Moderate Housing for Pinellas County
  • Been selected as advisor to the Special Operations Unit at MacDill AFB to oversee the construction of a war memorial
  • Served on the Shorecrest Preparatory School board of trustees for over 14 years
  • Been acknowledged as the Janet Root Volunteer of the Year by Shorecrest for his outstanding service
  • Been active in raising funds for the Boy Scouts as well as the Pinellas County Schools college scholarship program
  • Been a member of the University of Florida President’s Council

The Total Real Estate Solution

If you’re looking for a real estate pro who delivers results, you need Roger Broderick. He’s been providing economic growth, jobs and contributing to area philanthropic causes in Tampa Bay since 1968. His entrepreneurial range best describes his approach to business – he’s well-diversified within the real estate industry and can serve all customers in all aspects of the real estate process. As President of Broderick & Associates, Inc., Roger has spent the past 50 years building the business to be THE TOTAL REAL ESTATE SOLUTION. So whether you’re buying or selling, renting or leasing, Roger is your man.


Roger has received numerous awards and continued recognition for his professional accomplishments, which include:

  • He was elected to the Board of Directors of the Education Foundation of the CCIM
  • He was named to the Million Dollar Roundtable by the St. Petersburg Board of Realtors
  • He was voted Top Residential Office and Best Single Tenant Building for the Val Pak Systems Headquarters
  • He was listed in the Marquis Who’s Who in Finance and Industry
  • He was named Pinellas Park Chamber Man of the Year
  • He received the Florida Realtor Magazine Editor Excellence Award for Best Article for penning “How to Thrive in Commercial Real Estate”


Roger has been in business for over 50 years, and has always strived to create trusting, understanding relationships with his clients and partners. Through his work with local chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, and professionals in other industries, he has been able to build lasting relationships that are based on mutual respect. He has also developed strong working relationships with government agency staff members, and appreciates their expertise and advice.

At the end of the day, Roger believes that people should be treated with respect and understanding. He is committed to creating strong relationships that will stand the test of time, and he works hard to ensure that his clients and partners feel valued and appreciated. By focusing on building trusting, understanding relationships with all those he works with, Roger has been able to make a positive impact in the communities he serves.


Broderick & Associates is a real estate firm that has been in the business for over 50 years. They specialize in a variety of areas, including residential, apartments, and townhouses. What sets them apart from other firms is their diversity – they stay current by focusing on multiple disciplines within the real estate industry. This allows them to work with a broad range of clients, including some of the major homebuilders, townhouse builders, major shopping center developers, and key commercial users.

The company is family-owned and operated, and they take pride in teaching the younger generation about the business. Roger Broderick encourages his associates to go beyond the minimum requirements needed to retain their licenses and seek out the best designations in their area of the profession. They also use the latest technology tools to enhance their knowledge base and skills.

Stanley Broderick used to say that Pinellas Park was a “crossroads” and someday would be a center of commerce. We can only wonder what he would think of the city and his company’s growth today!